Definition: Inclusive; to be part of something greater than yourself.. The real question is will you be with it, or are you with it ?Problems or Solutions where.

January 28, 2021

Never ever have I felt so far and disconnected from the real me and even more helpless around my community. all the confusing mumbo jumbo In politics and in social medias about 100 million ways to get to the top ? doesn’t help either .Too much special interest if you ask me.

Very rare when you find someone you can trust. In end it takes time to build trust & it’s only a matter of time before the truth eventually surfaces.

Life can be very challenging, especially with kids. So it’s even more important that we learn to get along for the sake of the babies, quality time for him/her first, family first, is vital and crucial to healthy adult communities. Why do I feel like I am asking too much ? And it’s probably because I am asking too much according to whatever outside forces and or pressure I’m feeling, normally spot on by now. Does the reality of wanting to live a simple life, enough we’re you can look past the family needs with no worrry in the world enough we’re you can see, hear and even smell the beautiful tropical ocean breeze that you cAn almost feel it ? Or eeeeeh it already feels far enough for average joe or the mediocre blue collar worker. None the less much farther and distant for a minority group, add female to the minority and even worst off, now add kids to a minorty better yet a female single mother ? That’s we’re hopefully family is solid and or at minimum supportive ? If not then that person is now just left to be strong, to fend for self, fend for self and family, or on a magical note surprisingly just works so hard to get rich ? Mmmh, sounds a bit too fairy tale, what are the chances? 1in million. Realistically and more acceptable to mediocre society most would say and I can already feel sense them say something within the lines of, the best advice , is get a mediocre job-which I pray hope corporate companies don’t slave their workers as when I worked while raising my own family. I don’t typically like to blame but in this case I felt that corporate companies of all people!?, not surprised tho, but there checks and balances needs to be literally checked! Checks are not obviously proportionally distributed on Quality: work output, skills and or the amount of work output x talent is greater to me than superficial or baseline substance which offers the company yes, Quantaty; but at what cost ? Yes short term high profits but again that is not long term sustainability. Anyways agree to disagree, I’m sure, many will disagree and the ones ones who agree will just stay silent in background……?, just venting,not to blame on anyone or particular group, just saying… Society is flawed! Plus Covid ?. It’s this weird extreme pull or push of forces, call it whatever you want, the religious or superstitious call it good against evil, others climate change or what it sounds like to me, phony bologne, pollution, misc, bs… whatever. we can tid for tat ? All day and point fingers and never get no where. What I’m simply trying to say it’s that there should at least be a certain level of respect for cooperating party/ies, especially when a force and intimidation through fear is being imposed, meaning intermediators or mitigators ? Jobs even exist in all areas, Why ? Because no human should ever have to live under or near those circumstances? Therefore families need help rather than impose a cookie cutter standard model on families.